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    As I started Ivey Mischel Photography in 2011 big dreams for life behind the lens was at the end of my fingertips. However, I quickly faced the reality of the business that was set before me. IMP is not a business about me or about beating the photographer next door. It is an opportunity to serve others, to share the gift that I've been given to share the one True passion in my life, Jesus.

    I am a wife. I am a daughter of the King. I am all about others. I am about relationships and telling others about the One who gave me Life. I enjoy photography and love sharing this gift I've been given.

Brad + Shannon

They met in Starbucks where Shannon worked and soon after Brad became a regular customer. They planned an intimate wedding on Friday evening at Enterprise Mill in Augusta with close friends and family. But it wasn’t your traditional wedding celebration- Shannon and Brad encouraged all of their guests to join them dressed in their best… Converse shoes! Unique touches to this sweet day came together so beautifully. We were thankful and excited to be apart of it! Here’s a little peak from our eyes!
Nora was by far the cutest flower girl ever! Not only were her curly locks adorable she was shimmering all day as well!Jon, the officiant, did something I’ve never seen before. Before Shannon and Brad shared their vows and exchanged rings Jon asked them to look around and see who was there to walk alongside them and witness them becoming one through marriage.
Shannon, you looked gorgeous!

September 19, 2014 - 6:46 am

Lars Langner - Ohh,
so sweet! Beautyful pictures!!!!!
Lovely wedding

Brad & Shannon
I wish you the best

Best regards from China

Ed and Priscilla | Proposal

We were in disguise. I wore glasses to hide my face afraid Priscilla would recognize me and decided to change my name last minute! I was Michelle and Roxanne posed as Rachel! We were just best friends who took found a great deal online for a sailboat ride and happened to be in the same boat as another couple who was from our hometowns. Oh the irony, right!? Well, Ed had it all planned. He called me a few weeks ago in a bind – another photographer he had lined up had a conflict and wasn’t going to be able to make it. I was so excited we were able to make the trip.

Everything was perfectly planned. Ed and Priscilla were on vacation with Priscilla’s family at the beach. Ed planned a date night on Friday for just the two of them. The family decided to “go to dinner” themselves. Little did she know this would be a date night she would never forget.

This was our captain, Mike Ryan with OSA! He was an awesome guide! Grabbed a quick photo with Mike before he left for the night! Priscilla, you are gorgeous! We were getting ready to depart – the hotel stands between the Marina and parking lot. Roxanne spotted these beautiful string lights! I was so excited Ed and Priscilla were as excited as we were! This is where we ended our super sweet session! Oh, it was beautiful!

We are so excited for this sweet couple and their engagement. Looking forward to seeing how the Lord uses this couple together for His glory and people’s joy.



Erika | Bridals

She knew from the beginning she wanted to take the opportunity to do a bridal session even if it’s tradition was fading amongst the modern world. And I sure was glad she did. Nearly 3 weeks before her and Dylan’s wedding Erika stepped into the gown she would walk down the isle to. A gown and cathedral veil beautifully selected from House of the Bride, a local shop in Augusta. Everything from hair, makeup, shoes, flowers, and jewelry were perfectly placed. The location was only the cherry on top. Not only beautiful but a home belonging to her aunt and uncle, a place where she was comfortable, a home away from home.

It was a fairytale really. (And a photographer’s dream I’ll admit). It was a beautiful evening! Erika, my friend, you are beautiful.Prior to our session Erika mentioned she wanted to do a few photos in the tree house. Little did I know this treehouse wasn’t any ordinary treehouse.Erin, Erika’s wedding planner, spent the evening with us helping prep, etc. as well as Madi (foreground), Erika’s florist, aunt, cousins, and neighbors. It not only was fun but made our time together lighthearted with not one dull moment!Erika, you are GORGEOUS. Really.Rose, Erika’s Aunt’s neighbor came to visit too. She wanted to see the princess. She was adorable. I mean, check out those locks! I wanted to take her home with me!;)This was one spot Erika requested. If you know her personally you would know she doesn’t sit still (at least not for very long) and is very outgoing. She asked to have a photo by the tire swing. Little did we know….… she went for it! We finished in the garden – surrounded by beautiful lighting, flowers, and laughter. You can see Erika and Dylan’s Engagement session here. Their wedding will be posted soon! Until next time. Much love.

June 8, 2014 - 9:28 pm

Sheilah Yarbrough - I remember the day Erika was born. The celebration that surrounded that day was the beginning of a beautiful life. The pictures are wonderful! Since family is such a central part of Erika’s life, it is only fitting that she would have these special pictures made at her aunt’s and uncle’s home. Your work is excellent as you captured the beauty of a very special bride.

June 9, 2014 - 3:05 am

Lisa Rhodes - Beautiful!

Dan & Valery

Loved meeting and spending a little time with Valery and Dan this afternoon. For a couple who “doesn’t do well with photos”… well, that’s just crazy-talk!

As we ventured around Savannah Rapids Pavilion they shared stories about how they’ve known each other for years – after years of being friends and eventually separated they found each other again in Augusta. Dan popped the question and Valery happily and joyfully said “yes”. They plan to marry mid April in Appling at a resident’s home on the lake.

Loved meeting these two! Next up… Wedding! Less than a month! These two are getting hitched the 19th of April! Can’t wait!

Dylan & Erika Engaged!

Watch out, y’all! Dylan and Erika knocked this session out of the park! Starting at the Beman house then headed down to Enterprise Mill in Augusta was too fun! Their fun, light-hearted personalities alone are a joy to be around! Such a blessing to be apart of this sweet time with them. Love these two and can’t wait to see them marry in May!

Shut the front door! Erika, you are GORG!

Sir, you are one of few that can rock it in front of the camera the way you did. Umm… model? I think yes.

We snuck inside for something a little more intimate!;)
An absolutely perfect way to end this session and i’ll top it off with a single word… RAWR!

June 8, 2014 - 8:44 pm

Erika | Bridals » My Website - […] beautiful lighting, flowers, and laughter. You can see Erika and Dylan’s Engagement session here. Their wedding will be posted soon! Until next time. Much […]